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November 1, 2012 / carlispina

Add Multimedia to Your Pictures with Skqueak

Skqueak LogoIf you ever want to add sound or drawings to images on your iOS deviceSkqueak is a great a option. This free app allows  you to either edit images that are already in the device’s photo album or images that are taken from within the app. If you prefer to just create and share sketches, Skqueak also offers the option to start with a blank sheet rather than drawing on top of a photo. The app offers a wide range of sketching tools, including many colors, as well as a wide range of fonts and other tools such as the ability to change the opacity of drawings and to change the size of lines in the drawing.

In addition to adding drawings and text to images, Skqueak allows you to record up to 5 minutes of audio that can be included with your image when shared. Images can be combined to create a single file with up to seven backgrounds or you can zoom in on the image as part of the file. Once an image is completed, it can be kept private or publicly shared, along with the recorded audio and any zooming features, via Facebook, Twitter, SMS message, email or a URL. Images can also be exported, though only as still frames. To add a social element to the tool, you can also follow other users or “channels”, which are collections of images on a single theme. You can also browse the most popular content on Skqueak from either the iOS app or the browser version of Skqueak.

Skqueak is a fun tool that will appeal to fans of both drawing apps like Paper and photo apps like Instagram. It could also be used by organizations to make quick promotional images at events or to illustrate drawings of new programs or features. It is a versatile tool that adds functionality to photos all from your mobile device. You can see an example of the app in action in this video from the company:


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