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October 7, 2012 / carlispina

Find and Tag Apps with Hubbl

Hubbl LogoWith so many mobile apps available for iPhones, it can be hard to find the best app for a given purpose. Hubbl, a new app finding service, aims to solve this problem. With Hubbl, users can sort through apps and choose to add tags to the apps they have used. This can be done either on the Hubbl website or through the Hubbl app. Unlike the website, however, the Hubbl app also serves as an app discovery tool, which is the primary aim of Hubbl’s creators. On the app, users can sort through apps from different categories, including those that are suggested by friends and other users and those that your friends have tagged or tried, assuming you have connected with your friends on Hubbl either by manually adding friends or through Twitter, Facebook or your phonebook contacts. If none of your friends are on Hubbl, it also offers an invitation feature. You can also use Hubbl to find apps with particular functionality by browsing or searching through the user-generated list of tags. For example, if you are looking for a to do list app, you can click on the ToDo tag to find a list of apps with this functionality. If you then click on any of the apps with this tag, you will see key features of the app, the pictures posted on the app’s iTunes page and what other tags have been given to it, which gives a sense of any other key features of the app. You can then opt to download the app with one click, add a new tag of your own, add it to your Hubbl to do list, favorite it or share it with a friend via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. Another interesting feature on Hubbl is its “Apps in the Making” list which uses Beta List to generate a list of upcoming apps that you can then request more info on with a single click. This is an interesting way to discover apps before they become available without leaving the Hubbl app. Hubbl is also somewhat gamified and offers rewards as well as a leader board for those who share the most apps on other services or tag the most apps, but this will likely remain in the background for many users who just use Hubbl to identify new apps.

If you are someone who uses apps a lot and loves discovering new apps, Hubbl does provide a nice interface for this process. I like the way that users scroll through apps. I have found that all of the features work quickly and as expected and the app’s design is uniformly appealing. While the tags are, of course, only as good as the Hubbl users, I have actually already discovered some interesting looking apps with it. At this point, I’m not sure that Hubbl offers that much more than most competing app discovery tools, but if it gains popularity and, along the way gets more users to tag apps, it could be a useful way of sifting through the ever-growing universe of iPhone apps.


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