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September 30, 2012 / carlispina

Create a Homepage for Your Social Media Activity with RebelMouse

RebelMouse LogoAs social networks proliferate, tools have emerged to combine social media streams into a single presentation. I have previously discussed one such tool, Glossi, but a new tool that has emerged in this arena is RebelMouse, which aims to create a homepage from a user’s social media posts. Currently available for posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (including posts from Facebook Pages and Twitter hashtags), RebelMouse gathers data from connected social networks onto a single page that has a look and feel very similar to that of Pinterest. Once posts are pulled onto this page, users have a lot of control over them, since they can be moved, deleted, edited or frozen in place on the page so that it permanently displays in the same location. They can also reply to or retweet Twitter items directly from their RebelMouse front page.  If users would like to include content that they have not posted to their social media accounts, they also have the option to publish items directly to their RebelMouse page either from their front page or using the RebelMouse bookmarklet. Added items can include pictures, videos or even albums. And, if users opt to use the bookmarklet, they are presented with a Pinterest-like interface that allows them to choose any image on the page as the representative image for the item. Once items are on the RebelMouse page, it is easy for followers to share them on other networks directly from the RebelMouse page. RebelMouse also tracks statistics for each individual item on the page. And, for those who have an existing website, RebelMouse also has a beta feature that allows users to embed their front page onto another website. Right now, RebelMouse is completely free, but in the future they will offer pro accounts for both individuals and corporations.

For those who like the layout of Pinterest or want to be able to aggregate their social media content on a single page, RebelMouse provides a nice interface that is easy to use, provides lots of data about your activity and allows you to stay engaged on the various networks while on RebelMouse. It is an interesting way to streamline sharing and tracking your social network activity. While it would be nice to be able to connect more networks, RebelMouse has said that there are plans to add Tumblr connections, and hopefully other networks will follow in the future. Take a look if you want a way to bring multiple social networks onto a single homepage. Thanks to Joyce Valenza (@JoyceValenza) for sharing this on Twitter and bringing it to my attention.


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