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September 23, 2012 / carlispina

Make A Photo Gallery with Picsho

Picsho LogoPhoto sharing is a big part of a wide range of social networks. Common hashtags help to tie content from a variety networks  together, but now there is a tool that uses these hashtags to create a gallery of images with the same tags across these social networks.

Picsho allows users to gather photos posted with a particular hashtag or hashtags into a gallery that can then be shared on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook or via a URL. The application can pull from Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic, Flickr, Lockerz, Tumblr, yFrog, and Mobypicture. Images can come from a single social network or from a combination of several social networks. Users can also pull in more than one hashtag if so desired. Once a gallery has been pulled together from the selected networks, users are presented with a gallery of images for review. Any images that the user decides not to include in the final gallery can be removed before the gallery is finalized. Once the user is happy with the selected images, there is an option to give the gallery a title and then save it. All of this can be done without creating an account, though users who want to be able to save all of their galleries together may also login with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Accounts tied with brands or companies can also apply for their own vanity URL. Once a gallery is created, viewers of the gallery can see which network the image comes from and can also see an expanded preview of the image or  can go directly to that image on the network on which it was originally posted.

Picsho is a great way to pull in pictures from an event or with a single hashtag from a variety of networks. I think this could be really useful for organizations that want to be able to collect all of the pictures that have been posted after an event or using their hashtag. For example, I could see a library using Picsho to pull together images from an author event or asking patrons to post all of their library pictures with a specific hashtag so that they could be added to a single gallery. While I wish that Picsho automatically generated embed code so that galleries could easily be embedded on blogs and websites, I think that even without this feature it is a nice way to find and display images online.


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