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August 16, 2012 / carlispina

Make an Online Bulletin Board with Wallwisher

WallwisherThe internet abounds with ways to collect and share information, but for some projects speed, simplicity and control are just as important as a large range of features. For these projects, Wallwisher is a perfect tool. It allows users to create a personalized wall that can be be embedded within another website, followed through an RSS feed, or accessed through its own friendly URL. Users can select a background image and an icon for their wall to personalize it and to set the tone, whether by making it look like a piece of paper or a wooden bulletin board. Once the wall is created, content can be posted to it in the form of “stickies” which are squares that can include up to 160 characters of text, images, videos or audio. Creating a sticky is as easy as double clicking anywhere on the surface of the wall. Each sticky includes the name of the user who posted the sticky and the time at which it was posted. Clicking on stickies that include links to other files, such as embedded video, will cause the content to pop up to a larger window that can then be closed once users are done with the content. Access to walls and posting privileges can be restricted, completely open, or moderated, giving users the power to customize the way that their wall will be used.

While most of the features of Wallwisher are also found in other tools, I found the user interface to be the aspect that really distinguishes this tool from others of its kind. Creating a wall is extremely quick and easy, requiring no coding skill or even technical skill to get started with a blank wall. Similarly, adding to an existing wall or interacting with content found on a wall is very intuitive and doesn’t require training of any kind. For this reason, I think that it can be the perfect tool for groups that include members with limited technical skills. While I can’t remember where I initially heard about Wallwisher, I do know that it was in the context of it being used by teachers for young students with limited experience with computers, which seems like one clear use case for the tool, though it would be just as useful for older populations that lack training in internet technology. For users with limited ¬†computer skills or those who simply need a quick way to create a place to curate and share content, Wallwisher is well worth a look.


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