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July 22, 2012 / carlispina

Join a Conversation on Twitter with TweetChat

While I have been an avid Twitter user for some time, I only recently found myself looking for a tool to follow hashtags. For anyone who hasn’t yet delved into the world of Twitter, hashtags allow users to tag their tweets to make it easier to find them in a sea of tweets. These hashtags can be used to facilitate a Twitter-based conversation if all participants use the hashtag in each of their tweets since it is then possible to create a search to see only tweets with that hashtag. While this can be done with Twitter itself, many find that it is easier to use an application that is specifically designed for this purpose. When I recently decided to try to this approach to following a hashtag, I found TweetChat to be an excellent tool for the purpose.

TweetChat is extremely easy to set up. Users sign in through their Twitter account and can then search for the desired hashtag right on the TweetChat homepage. Once a user has identified their desired hashtag, TweetChat will display only tweets including that hashtag. Besides displaying these tweets, TweetChat also allows users to post tweets from the same page and automatically appends the conversation’s hashtag to each tweet, with the added bonus of displaying the number of characters available for each tweet after the hashtag has been added. For fast moving conversations, users have the option to set the speed with which TweetChat displays new tweets or even pause refreshes entirely to catch up with the conversation. If a spam account infiltrates the hashtag, users can also block individual accounts or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, feature selected accounts. Finally, the font size of the tweets can be customized for an optimal reading experience. I found TweetChat to be the perfect light-weight option for following a Twitter conversation with minimal setup time required. It is a great option for anyone who finds it difficult to keep up with hashtags on Twitter.


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