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July 12, 2012 / carlispina

Find Fun Things To Do (in London) With Timista

I typically focus on discussing resources that I can actually make use of in my day-to-day life, but when I found out about Timista, I couldn’t resist making an exception to my normal practice. Lots of apps and websites have tried to help users find fun things to do in their hometown, but Timista’s approach offers users a very simple search page that leads them not just to local events, but entire evenings planned out with times and prices included. This idea and approach to event planning is well thought out and could easily be applied to other big cities around the world.

The Timista homepage immediately gives you the option to specify the time, location and number of attendees for the desired activity. Once you have provided these three simple pieces of information, Timista generates a list of potential itineraries that include both activities and meal options, ranked by the degree to which they meet your needs. The list can be sorted by this score, the start time of the activity or the estimated price of the entire outing. At this point, you can either select an activity from the list or further refine your criteria for a new list. If you do choose a suggested activity, you can proceed to further details that include a map and booking information with a single click. If you instead want further options, you can fine tune your results by providing additional details about the type of activities or food you are interested in to generate a new list of potential activities.

I think that Timista is a fun way to find activities. I like it much better than most activity planning websites that are currently available, because I appreciate the way that it suggests an entire itinerary that includes activities and meals in the same area. I also like the way that it leads users directly to booking options and offers an estimate of expected costs associated with the activities. I hope they expand to offer this service for other cities or that other web designers are inspired to build similar options for other major cities around the world.


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