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July 5, 2012 / carlispina

Track Your Pinterest Stats with Pinerly

Pinterest continues to be an extremely popular social media network and along with that popularity comes a variety of tools and apps that supplement Pinterest accounts. Of particular interest to libraries and organizations who use Pinterest are tools that track statistics on Pinterest accounts to help to refine pinning practices to better achieve the organization’s goals. I have previously written about PinReach as a tool to fill this need, and a new tool, Pinerly, has since emerged in the same space.

Currently in closed beta, Pinerly offers lots of analytics and tracking options to manage an existing Pinterest account. At this time, all analytics are based on what Pinerly refers to as “campaigns”, which are individual items that have been pinned to a Pinterest board through Pinerly. While this is a limitation as compared to some other Pinterest analytics options, it does allow users to focus on each specific item pinned, which is the main service that Pinerly aims to offer. In the future, Pinerly plans to expand its tools to allow users to connect Pinerly to their Pinterest account to allow for additional metrics and also to allow users to schedule their pins. Pinerly also helps users to extend their Pinterest reach by offering suggestions on who to follow and items to be pinned (though I would note that from the examples I have seen, each of these will be more applicable to general Pinterest users than to libraries and nonprofits who use the site).

After trying Pinerly out, I think it will be most useful for those who use Pinterest heavily rather than casual users. However, for those who are focused on figuring out what makes certain pins popular and others a flop will find it extremely useful. The focus on individual pins makes this a bit limited at this time, but the promise of other types of analytics in the future and the ability to schedule pins for future posting offers a lot of hope for Pinerly’s future. Users who sign up for Pinerly during its closed beta will be added to a waitlist, but if you share the site with friends who sign up for it, you can earn varying levels of access from a quick peak up to full access with bonus features. I also have some invites available for users who think Pinerly sounds perfect for their needs. Try it out and let me know what you think!


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