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July 1, 2012 / carlispina

Doodle Anywhere With

For artists, whether they are amateurs or professionals, one of the great advantages of the advent of touchscreens has been the ability to draw directly on the screen of a device. This opens up whole new possibilities for creating and sharing art, even when on the go. One such option is, which is an iPad app that does exactly what the name suggests, it allows the user to doodle on their iPad and then share the drawing online with the community.

While I have written in the past about Paper, another drawing app for the iPad, is a great alternative for casual artists who want a free drawing app that includes a variety of writing implements and a community for sharing art. The app includes options to create pencil, pen and marker drawings with multiple colors for each type of pen or marker and even several shades of grey for pencil drawings, for a total of 27 different looks. The app includes an eraser, but, even more conveniently, it also includes undo and redo buttons that make it simple to correct any mistakes. Once a drawing is completed, it can be shared via Facebook or Twitter by signing into either of these services. Users can also set this process up to occur automatically when drawings are published. Published drawings are added to the library, which is another fun feature of the app since it allows users to browse drawings created with the app in their browser or even within the app. is a fun, free option for those who want to be able to create and share drawings on their iPad.


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