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June 10, 2012 / carlispina

Analyze Your Tweets with Twoolr

Social media users want to know that they are having an impact and how they can tweak their social media use to optimize this impact. This is particularly true for organizations. Many libraries struggle with this thinking that they need to have a social media presence, but not always necessarily knowing how to make sure the time spent on this presence is actually accomplishing what they want. Twoolr is one tool that helps to identify and track a social media presence.

Once you log into Twoolr with a Twitter account, it immediately starts analyzing all past activity on the account to create a fairly in-depth analysis of the activity. The Twoolr dashboard provides a fairly high-level analysis of the account, including changes in followers over time, with the opportunity to view more detail on various topics with just one click. This more detailed view includes graphs and tables that help to represent activity virtually. Some of the more useful features of Twoolr include showing when the account’s tweets are most likely to be retweeted and also what types of tweets are most frequently sent, both of which can be useful in deciding how best to structure social media use. Twoolr accounts also have a public page where they can showcase their statistics for all to see, which I think could be really interesting for organizations that are interested in being more transparent to their users and is also an easy way to share the statistics with collaborators for organizational accounts. It is also possible to use your API key to track your statistics at the same time.

I think most individuals (myself included), use Twitter in a more spontaneous manner that might not benefit greatly from this type of analysis. However, for organizations that are trying to either prove a return on investment for their social media presence or that want to find a way to connect with their target audience most efficiently, I think that Twoolr could be a valuable tool, particularly for users that subscribed to the more fully-featured premium version.


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