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June 7, 2012 / carlispina

Manage Your To Do List On The Go With Any.Do

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a way to keep track of your to-do list while on the go. I’ve been tempted by Clear, but every time I consider purchasing it, I balk at the price for what feels like a very simple function that I can achieve in other ways (albeit not as nicely). With the new release of the free Any.Do this week, I am so glad that I waited!

Any.Do has been available for Android devices for sometime, but a new version is now available for iOS devices. One huge benefit of Any.Do is that it integrates with Chrome as well and syncs automatically between devices allowing you to use the same program at your desk and on the go. The app takes full advantage of multi-touch capabilities allowing you to create voice notes by pulling down on the screen, tapping to add a reminder or drag it around the screen, swiping to mark an item as completed and shaking the device to simply remove the item. Flipping the device into landscape mode shows a calendar to make it even easier to keep track of your schedule. Each item that you add to your schedule can also have a reminder associated with it, which will allow the program to send you push notifications at the allotted time. The ability to leave voice notes also makes the list functionality quick and easy to use, though I found that the program’s ability to transcribe voice notes was a bit hit or miss. The browser based version of Any.Do is equally easy to use and sits in your Chrome bookmarks bar to ensure that it is always within easy reach. To facilitate collaboration, you also have the option to share your to-do list with others. I found that Any.Do was a very user-friendly free list program that has advantages over many of the top list-making apps that are available.


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