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June 3, 2012 / carlispina

Quip is a Whole New Way to Use Twitter on an iPad

A host of iPad apps exist to allow Twitter users to keep up with their tweets on the go. But, few are as stylish as the newly available Quip. While it may seem as though a new way to interact with your Twitter feed cannot be that interesting, Quip manages to re-imagine the way that users interact with Twitter in a way that not only takes advantage of the iPad’s interface, but also takes advantage of the interface to create a Twitter experience that is arguably better than the web interface itself.

Probably the feature that has been most discussed since Quip’s release is the way that the app manages conversations. While users can view their Twitter stream in the more traditional, chronological manner, Quip offers a separate tab that displays all tweets in a given conversation together as a group to make it easier to keep up with conversations on Twitter rather than missing them in your stream. I love this feature, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Quip has several other features that help it to stand even further apart from other Twitter clients that are available for the iPad. Perhaps my favorite other feature is the tab that collects all of the photos that people in your Twitter stream have shared with a small image of their Twitter icon included in the corner of the photo to make it easy to see who shared each photo. For this feature, Quip does a great job of taking advantage of the real estate available on the iPad’s screen to display photos at a large enough size that it is easy to decide which you would like to expand. Once a photo is expanded, the tweet that it was included in is displayed below the photo. Shrinking the photo back down is as simple as pinching it, making excellent use of the multi-touch surface. Another great feature is the tab devoted entirely to retweets. This tab makes it easy to quickly see which tweets have been shared most frequently, with each tweet including information on the number of times that it has been retweeted.

While these are the stand-out features offered by Quip, it also does a good job of handling other standard Twitter functions, such as sending a tweet, following DMs and seeing all tweets that mention you by name. Quip also offers nice search functionality including both the more standard tweet functions seen in the web version of Twitter and an option to search within your Twitter stream. Even after having heard good things about Quip, I was surprised by how much I liked it. While I rarely discuss apps that aren’t free, I think Quip is well worth its price of $0.99. If you are a frequent Twitter user with an iPad, I would highly recommend it.


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