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April 29, 2012 / carlispina

Identify Fonts with the WhatTheFont App

WhatTheFontI recently ran across the free WhatTheFont app and was instantly intrigued. The app allows you to immediately identify fonts by taking a picture of an example of the font and uploading it to the WhatTheFont database. Once uploaded the picture is compared to existing fonts and the app returns possible matches. While I found that the app wasn’t able to perfectly identify every font that I submitted, even if it the font is not found in the database, the app suggests several fonts that are similar to it, which means that even if you can’t identify the exact font, you can find a comparable one. I also really like the fact that the app gives a detailed description of each font, including who designed it and when it was developed. Once I found the app, it led me to the MyFont website, which allows you to browse new fonts, search for fonts with specific characteristics, or use the browser-based version of WhatTheFont to identify a font.

For anyone who works on design projects, whether for print or the web, these tools are a great way to find the perfect font for any situation. And, given the detailed information that is provided about most of the fonts, this is also the perfect tool for font fans who want to learn more about fonts that they see on the internet or elsewhere.


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