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April 26, 2012 / carlispina

Make a Quick Mind Map with is a great tool for creating quick mind maps, diagrams, hierarchies and even webpage outlines. An account can be created in a matter of moments. From there, creating a diagram is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse or keyboard. Once created, users have a lot of control over the positioning and appearance of each bubble in the map. In addition to typing titles, even multi-line titles, on each bubble, users can also change the color of each bubble, drag them into position anywhere on the page and alter their size. Each bubble can also be connected to other bubbles with lines or arrows, which can also be individually labelled to clarify the meaning of the connection. Dragging items around on the page and modifying the look and feel of each bubble is so easy that developing a full map can be done very quickly.

One of the most helpful features of the user interface is that each button lists instructions on its use when you hover over it. While I am sure that the use of these tools will become second nature over time, the continuous access to this information helps beginners who are just starting to learn the available functionality. also provides an introductory tutorial that covers the key functionality of the application with diagrams and descriptions for those who are just getting started.

Once a mind map is created, users also have a few options for exporting it, including as a JPG, a PNG or even a webpage outline. Alternatively, mind maps can also be printed. Users who upgrade to a Premium account for $6 a month or $59 a year can also import content from their own computer. For those looking for a quick mind mapping tool, offers some great features.


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