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April 15, 2012 / carlispina

Prototype (and Create) Mobile Websites with Codiqa

Codiqa LogoFor those with limited or no web design experience creating a mobile website can seem daunting. JQuery Mobile is very user-friendly, but even it can have a steep learning curve if you haven’t created a website before. At the same time, mobile devices are becoming much more prevalent making a mobile website ever more important if you want to provide your users with a good experience on any device. Codiqa is a new option that takes the stress out of creating a mobile website prototype and can even be used to create a simple finished website in a short period of time.

Codiqa presents users with an extremely simple user interface. After creating an account, you are presented with a blank iPhone screen. Common JQuery mobile elements, including buttons, menus, headings, images and maps to name just a few, can be dragged and dropped onto the blank iPhone screen and rearranged. Elements can be customized with the actual text that will be used in the final website. You can also create and link multiple pages to create a fully developed website from within Codiqa. Codiqa offers screen sizes matching the iPad, 3 sizes of Android phones and 3 sizes of Android tablets, to help you confirm that your design also works with other screen sizes. All of these features combine for a very powerful prototyping tool that allows users to create a mock up of a full mobile site in no time at all.

If this was all Codiqa could do, it would already be impressive, but in reality it goes far beyond this. Once you have created a prototype that you are happy with, you can then export the code for that prototype in a format that will give you a fully functional mobile website, which will need little more than tweaking once it has been exported. Codiqa offers three subscription options. The Builder-Only plan is free and allows users to create a mobile website with all the available elements but does not allow for saving or sharing of designs. The Solo plan allows you to create, save and share 5 projects up to a total of 100MB for $10 per month. The Unlimited plan provides the same options for an unlimited number of projects and allows you to store media up to 1GB for $30 per month. Each of the paid plans allows you to upload your own media for inclusion on your site and also lets you integrate a ThemeRoller theme with each project, for even more customization. To top it all off, all Codiqa apps have already been upgraded to JQuery Mobile 1.1.0, the new version that was just released last Friday, meaning that the site you produce will be up-to-the-minute. Combined, these features mean that you can create a fully-functional, up-to-date, customized mobile website in no time at all with Codiqa.


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