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April 8, 2012 / carlispina

Analyze Your Pinterest Account With PinReach

PinReachPinterest seems to gain more popularity with each passing day and as it does, more and more libraries are investing time and resources in finding ways to use Pinterest and developing pinboards. For those libraries that are using Pinterest, PinReach can be a way of evaluating a Pinterest presence, identifying areas of strength and weakness and determining return on investment.

Starting a PinReach account can be done through a Twitter account, a Facebook account or with an email address. Once an account is created, it must be tied to a Pinterest account by providing the username of a Pinterest account and at that point, PinReach can pull in data from Pinterest to calculate the account’s stats. The first tab of this section of PinReach shows a graph of the user’s PinReach score over time with the number of changes categorized below as pins, repins, likes, liked, followers, following, comments, boards and community boards.  This tab gives a good overview of the user’s recent activity pulling it into one place in a format that can easily be printed or shared on with the click of a button via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+.  This page also has the user’s PinReach score prominently displayed in the upper right hand corner. The next tab breaks down a user’s stats by board providing many of the same statistics divided up for the user’s most popular pinboards. The final tab of statistics currently shows the user’s 10 most popular pins with how many times each has been repinned (an ability to see this information for more than just 10 pins is in the works). In a nice touch, this tab actually shows the pin in question rather than referring to it by its title or some other information, which fits well with the image-centric nature of Pinterest. While the clear focus of PinReach is tracking personal stats, it also includes several leaderboards which show which PinReach members have the highest reach, recently checked scores or trending profiles as well as trending pins. This adds an element of competition to the site, but doesn’t seem to be the main focus of PinReach at this point. Overall, PinReach is a convenient way to gather and organize information about the effectiveness and activity level of a Pinterest account.


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