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April 5, 2012 / carlispina

Add Quotations to Pinterest with Pin A Quote

Pin A QuoteSince its creation, Pinterest has really taken off. Now it is one of the most talked about social networks around. It is mostly intended and used as a way to save and share images, particularly for inspiration. But, it can also be useful to be able to collect quotations as additional inspiration and as a way of keeping track of interesting quotations found across the internet. Pin A Quote is the perfect tool for this job. The Pin A Quote button is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9+. Once you have dropped the button in your bookmarks bar, you can go back to browsing the internet as normal. If you see a quotation that interests you, pinning it to Pinterest is as easy as highlighting the text and clicking the Pin A Quote button. Pin A Quote will automatically put the quotation into the proper format and include information about the source website. Users have the option of manually adding information about who said the quotation up to a total of 35 characters, but this can also be omitted. In a pro version that recently debuted for $1.99, users can also change the color or font of their quotation before adding it to a pinboard. Once the quotation is ready to go, users can choose which of their pinboards it will be added to or can create a new board just for the quotation. Users also have the option to instead post the quotation to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or virtually any other social network using the included AddThis functionality. The Pin A Quote button makes it very easy to add quotations to your pinboards. If you are a frequent Pinterest user who would like to be able to save quotations in addition to images, this is definitely the web application for you!


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