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April 1, 2012 / carlispina

Visualize Connections and Recommendations with Yasiv

YasivBoth Amazon and YouTube prominently display recommendations based on your searches, but both services are limited to a simple list of recommended content. This doesn’t provide a particularly compelling visual and also fails to display further connections that might exist between and beyond the recommended items. Yasiv aims to fill this void by offering visualizations of connected and recommended items on Amazon and YouTube that go far beyond a top ten list.

Originally created to visualize data pulled from Amazon, Yasiv still offers the option to search for any item found in Amazon’s databases to see the entire web of products that are purchased together. Every line between two items shows that those two items were purchased together by an Amazon user. More data comes from the list at the upper left of each page which shows how popular the top items are. Clicking on an individual item in that list or in the web will show Amazon’s full summary for the item and any available reviews. Users can also link directly to Amazon to purchase an item identified this way. If you suddenly decide that you want to visualize connections for an item that you are already viewing on Amazon, that is easy too since Yasiv now offers a bookmarklet that will create visualizations directly from the Amazon page with one click.

Yasiv for Amazon

The Yasiv web created by searching Hunger Games.

While Yasiv was originally limited to data from Amazon, it has been expanded to offer visualization of recommended videos for YouTube items as well. This can be done by searching YouTube from within Yasiv or by using the same bookmarklet that works with Amazon. Items in the web are resized to represent their popularity and number of hits. Once you have created a web of YouTube videos, they can be further filtered by popularity and individual videos can be played in the same window just by clicking on them. The video below shows how quickly and easily this data from YouTube can be translated into a complex visualization.

Using data from either site, Yasiv is a fun new way to look at the connections and relative popularity of items. This information provides valuable information to users who are sorting through a seemingly infinite number of options and it is also an engaging look at what can be done with data visualization.


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