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March 29, 2012 / carlispina

Identify Popular Twitter Content with

StrawberryjamTwitter can be hard to keep up with. Last fall at the Web 2.0 Summit, Twitter’s CEO said that 250 million tweets were being sent a day, a number that continues to rise. While most users only see a fraction of this number of tweets on any given day, it can still be an overwhelming stream of information. is one option for wading through this information overload., currently in private beta, filters through a user’s tweets to pull out links that have been shared by multiple accounts that the user follows. The more times a link has been shared, the higher up in the display it will appear. Rather than sifting through every single link that anyone found interesting, users can instead concentrate on those links that have been identified by many followers or retweeted multiple times. Each time a user logs in, immediately begins sorting through tweets with the option to display the top links from the last 8, 16 or 24 hours time. Users can also select how the content will be displayed with the option to see a preview or not and the option to read the content now or save it for later on an Instapaper account with one click. Below this information about the link, also lists all of the accounts that the user follows that have tweeted this link and offers the option to either retweet any of these tweets or add them to a Buffer account to be tweeted later. Users can also search for content using hashtags, lists, or keywords to see content from outside of their own twitter stream. For users who are often too busy to follow tweets as they happen, also offers the option to configure email digests of the top content from your account or any of your other searches. also offers the option to make popular content from a user’s twitter stream public by generating a public link of their stream, which can then be shared via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ with the click of a button. Alternatively, users can generate a widget that can be embedded on their blog or website to add dynamic content from to other aspects of their web presence. offers many ways to surface and share information that might otherwise get lost in the noise of Twitter, making it a useful option for those Twitter users who feel overwhelmed by all of the information shared by people they follow. The flip side of this is that may hide those gems that are only shared by a single person your follow. But for those who would otherwise be unable to keep up with any of the information that is available for the people they follow on Twitter, it is an option for finding the topic content in your Twitter stream at any given time. In addition, excels in the number of ways that users can share the content that is found for them given that this content can even be automatically shared via URL or widget. If you think it is worth a look, let me know; I still have a few beta invitations available.


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