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March 25, 2012 / carlispina

Save and Share Your Favorite Locations with Pin Drop

Pin DropPin Drop is another new location application. Unlike Pinwheel or Moveable Feast, Pin Drop is less focused on the story of a location and more focused on providing a way to collect, remember and share favorite locations that you have visited or are currently visiting. This narrow focus allows Pin Drop to have a design that facilitates saving locations, and particularly your current location, almost instantaneously. Both the browser-based option and the iPhone app can detect your location making it faster to drop a pin at a nearby location. If you want to drop a pin somewhere else, it is also possible to search for a location or address or to drag the pin icon across the map to the desired location before dropping the pin. Once you decide to drop a pin, you are given the ability to give the pin a name, a category and a description. You can also associate a photo with the image. When you click on the photo option in the iPhone app, you are given the option to take a picture or use an existing picture. The date that you created the pin is automatically associated with the pin. Once you have filled out all of the relevant information, you can post the pin on Twitter or Facebook. Creating a pin in the browser-based version of Pin Drop is very similar, though it is easier to associate a category with a pin in this version and adding a photo is limited to browsing already taken photos on your computer even if your computer has a webcam.

Once you have created pins, you can view them sorted and filtered by date, distance, category or as pins on a map. You can also set different privacy settings, though as far as I can tell, this can only be done in the browser-based version of Pin Drop. Pins can be visible only to yourself, to friends or to the public. With the iPhone app, you also have the option to send already-created pins to others via email or SMS, which makes this a nice way to share locations with friends, especially given that public pins are available to everyone even if they are not Pin Drop users. Pin Drop also has a secondary feature which is curated collections of pins created by others. While these can be interesting, I haven’t found them that useful so far because it is difficult to find collections for your location and it does not seem to be possible to search these curated collections.

Pin Drop is a great resource for collecting and saving locations. It is easy to use and the pins sync between the iPhone app and the browser-based application almost immediately. It also seems like a perfect way of suggesting locations to friends complete with a map showing where it is. I could see using it for a whole host of different types of locations.


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