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March 15, 2012 / carlispina

Make a Social Media Infographic with

Infographics are currently very popular, with many companies and media outlets using them to present data in a more visually stimulating way. Given that data can often be seen as “dry” and “uninteresting”, infographics can be a great way to make information interesting and engaging and to keep your audience’s interest. But, for as popular and useful as infographics may be, they can be difficult and time-consuming to create. A good infographic requires artistic and design skills that not everyone possesses. aims to solve this problem by making infographics easier to make and find. Since it launched about a year ago, has been a resource for finding infographics on a wide array of topics from March Madness to the London Olympics. The showcase contains over 12,000 infographics that users can browse through to find infographics for inspiration or to use for projects. Users who make their own infographics can also submit them to for inclusion in the showcase. has also long offered the possibility to Twitterize yourself, generating an infographic representation of your Twitter presence either alone or in comparison to another Twitter user.

As of earlier this month, now offers users the ability to create a number of other types of infographics as well, which makes it a much more useful tool. Users can now generate comparisons of the statistics from two Twitter users, or track the life of a hashtag, or visualize a Facebook page as a monster or as a more professional infographic. While intends to continue to add new functionality to allow users to create more types of infographics, it is already a great way to easily visualize social media data and to find inspiration for creating other infographics.


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