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March 8, 2012 / carlispina

Create Animated GIFs with Picasion

While they can definitely be overused, animated GIFs can also be a fun addition to a website or a unique avatar option that can display multiple images or create a seamless animation. In particular, if well-placed they can be an eye-catching addition to a profile or simply a way of highlighting images by compiling them into a slideshow. For those who decide that an animated GIF meets their needs, Picasion is probably the fastest way to create an animated GIF of your images.

With Picasion, all users need to do is upload a series of images from their computer, pick a size for the resulting GIF, decide the speed at which the images should be cycled through and click a single button. These simple steps generate a GIF that can be downloaded, linked to or embedded. There are five speed options and the ability to set your own custom speed, which means that the GIF can serve as a slide show or create a true animation by running a series of images more quickly. The available options make it possible to create GIFs that will meet most any need and it really couldn’t be simpler to put the images together. The hardest part of the entire project will be finding the images to use.


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  1. Rajasekar / Jun 13 2012 12:36 pm


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