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February 26, 2012 / carlispina

Create Editable QR Codes with MobiBrix

QR code generators are hardly rare. There is a wide variety available for free across the internet, including QR Hacker and Unitag, each of which I have covered in the past. But one limitation of typical QR codes is their static nature. Once a code is created and included on a poster or other promotional material, it cannot be changed. If the desired destination of the code changes, a completely new code must be created. Given the fact that QR codes are frequently included on posters, handouts and other items that should ideally not need to be revised on a regular basis, this static destination can make QR codes problematically outdated quite quickly.

MobiBrix aims to solve this problem. QR codes generated by MobiBrix can later be updated to redirect to a different URL without requiring any changes to the QR code itself. Doing so is as simple as logging on to MobiBrix and typing in the new URL. This is done use redirects and shortened URLs, which is a slight limitation of the service since some scanners may have trouble scanning the shortened URL which does not include “www” at the start of the URL. But, in my testing I did not have trouble scanning the resulting QR codes. And the shortened URLs make for simpler, less dense QR codes that can be more quickly and easily scanned.

In addition to allowing QR code destinations to be updated, MobiBrix also provides some metrics on use of the QR codes, though these are currently limited to just the number of scans in a given period. MobiBrix is also completely free regardless of the number of codes that are generated or the number of times each code is scanned. MobiBrix does not support some of the more advanced editing features supported by other QR code generators such as changing color schemes or adding logos, but for QR codes with changing destinations or that will be included on expensive or hard-to-reprint items, MobiBrix offers a perfect solution to the otherwise static nature of the QR code.


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  1. Mangalika / Mar 2 2012 7:11 am

    Nice QR Codes post

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