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February 23, 2012 / carlispina

Manage Social Media Activity with Gremln

With social media continuing to grow in importance as a marketing tool, new tools are always emerging to manage a social media presence across many networks. Gremln, which focuses on streamlining social media use for small enterprises, is one such tool. Originally called Twaitter when it only allowed users to schedule tweets in advance, Gremln now allows users to manage multiple accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn,,,, Facebook (and Facebook fanpages) and websites. Klout statistics can also be pulled into a Gremln account. Free accounts are limited to managing a maximum of 5 social network accounts, but there are several levels of paid accounts that allow users to manage different numbers of accounts up to a maximum of 50. While paid accounts also offer certain additional benefits, such as team management of accounts, even the free plan offers many advantages including the ability to create a goal, track analytics and run reports.

While these features may seem fairly standard for a social network management application, there are several features that make this particular application very user friendly. One thing I appreciated when I logged in for the first time was the fact that Gremln immediately shows an alert about any known issues, including those impacting other social networks that are being managed through Gremln. Once logged in, Gremln’s dashboards and displays are highly customizable, which allows users to mold Gremln to support their habits and workflows. Updates can be posted in advance, including directly from the calendar view, but they can also be sent immediately and appear virtually instantly on the appropriate network. While Gremln is very easy to learn the company has also stated that tutorials and other how-to information will be forthcoming. For small organizations that are looking for a way to manage multiple social networks, Gremln is a good, and potentially free, option.


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