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February 19, 2012 / carlispina

Keep Track of What You Have Done With iDoneThis

I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz online about iDoneThis, so I finally decided to try it out. The idea behind the service is fairly simple: iDoneThis keeps track of everything you have done. It accomplishes this by emailing you at the same time every day to ask what you have done. If you respond to the email with your accomplishments for the day, they are added to your personal calendar for your review later. If you finish a task before the allotted time of your daily email reminder, you can simply send an email to iDoneThis with a blank subject line and the item will be added to your calendar for the current day. Finished another task late in the day after sending your email? Just reply to the same email again and new tasks will be added to the end of your list for the day. Realized you forgot a task you finished a few days ago? No problem, you just email the same address with the appropriate date in the subject line and iDoneThis will update the earlier date as well. You can also add an item to your calendar from the calendar page using a text box and you can also edit entries from the list on the calendar page. From that same page, reports can be emailed or exported as text or pdf files, making it easy to share reports. Each calendar also has the option to generate feeds of the information to make it simple to use the calendar information outside of iDoneThis. A separate “memories” option gives users the ability to opt into receiving emails each day of accomplishments from a prior date for reminiscence and motivation. If you are working with a team, iDoneThis makes it even easier to share calendars and reports through its team option, which has the same functionality, but with additional support for teams collaborating towards shared goals. iDoneThis also has a helpful FAQ that explains many of the options that the tool supports in clear language.

iDoneThis does a good job of offering an extremely pared down website and overall concept. I found each screen and email to be clear and minimalist in a way that helps to foster a sense of organization. And, the user interface does a good job of meeting the needs of a wide range of types of users by offering so many flexible ways to add tasks to a calendar and manage an account. For users who want a way to keep a calendar of their accomplishments for motivational purposes or as a history to refer to in the future, iDoneThis is a streamlined way of collecting this information in a single, versatile web presence.


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