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February 16, 2012 / carlispina

Analyze the Impact of Tweets with TweetReach

Whether you are using Twitter for an organization or personally, it can be helpful to know whether your tweets are having an impact or to analyze the reach of hashtags you are following. I have previously discussed The Archivist as one tool for visualizing this sort of information, but TweetReach provides another way of looking at this data. As with The Archivist, TweetReach is a source of free visualizations of data about tweets, but TweetReach focuses specifically on how many people are “reached by” each tweet or view each tweet. The latest version of the free report shows how many people have seen the tweet, on which day the tweets were seen, tweets versus retweets and how many people were “reached” or interacted with the tweet. It also includes a list of the top contributors and a timeline of the most recent tweets for the search. Reports can be printed, exported in excel or pdf formats, linked to or posted to Facebook or Twitter with a single click. The reports are well organized and look professional. While logged in, each report is automatically saved though they can be unsaved if desired. There is also an option to pay for a more in depth report for searches that have more than 50 tweets associated with them.

I used TweetReach in a few different ways. First, I searched for my username to see the reach and impact of my own recent tweets. This produced some interesting information about how my tweets travel and who contributes to the reach of my tweets. But I found it even more useful to look at data about hashtags.  I compared the reach of related hashtags that I use and follow to see which are more prevalent and have the greater impact. For those who are leading Twitter discussions using hashtags or who seek to grow their own Twitter presence or that of an institution, TweetReach can be a way to get an overview of your Twitter impact for free, though I doubt most users will need the more in depth paid reports.


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