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February 5, 2012 / carlispina

Make a Word Cloud with Wordle

Word clouds can be a great way to visualize language. They show the relative importance of different words and help to highlight key concepts. They are perfect for use in presentations, on websites or on print media, to name just a few of their potential uses. And, with Wordle, you are never more than minutes away from a great word cloud.

Wordle offers paths to your perfect word cloud. Users can simply paste text into the available box to get a word cloud from an entire block of text or enter the URL of any website with an Atom or RSS feed to generate a word cloud from an entire site. For fans, there is also the possibility to enter a user name to generate a word cloud from all of the tags in the user’s account. The advanced options even include the ability to submit weighted lists of words (with or without specified hexadecimal colors) rather than blocks of text. And, for truly advanced users the site even provides sample code for sending text directly from a website to Wordle. Once a user has created a word cloud, there are options to change the direction of the words, the color scheme, and the font among other facets of the cloud and then re-generate a new cloud, making it easy to find the perfect word cloud for any project. For users with less time or technical skills, the Wordle gallery also provides word clouds made by other users for inspiration or reuse. I have personally used Wordle for several different projects and have found that the resulting word clouds work well on the web, in presentations and for print copies. Wordle is definitely a great option for creating a word cloud for any project.


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