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January 26, 2012 / carlispina

Generate a Personal Website with Resmesh

Services to showcase your professional life online continue to proliferate and Resmesh is one of the newest options in this market. This new service, which is still in Beta, is a mix of and LinkedIn. By prompting users to login through their LinkedIn account, it creates a splash page with the user’s LinkedIn information in a matter of moments. The main page includes the user’s LinkedIn icon, links to the user’s social media accounts, a short bio and a list of skills pulled from LinkedIn. A separate link leads to a resume page with all of the employers listed in buttons across the top. Another link at the top of the page allows visitors to comment on the page or recommend the user from Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL accounts.

Once the initial page is automatically generated, users have only a limited ability to edit the result. For example, there are only three options for site backgrounds (though there are plans to allow users to upload their own) and the major blocks of text can only be moved around on the page but cannot be completely restyled. On the resume, you can edit or delete certain information, but you can’t delete employers from the list at the top of the page meaning that my profile has one employer listed twice since I had two different positions at the same employer. Despite these editing limitations, Resmesh is an extremely fast way to create a professional splash page if you have an existing LinkedIn account. And, as Resmesh continues to develop, there seem to be plans to increase the flexibility of what users can do with their page. For those who want a professional website but have limited web development skills, it is a promising option and well worth requesting an invitation.


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