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January 19, 2012 / carlispina

Software Tutorials from is a wonderful resource for learning virtually any software- or computer-related topic imaginable. It offers online tutorials on everything from programming languages to word processing programs to screencasting. Best of all, they offer tutorials on both current releases and past versions, meaning that it is a great way to learn whatever version of the software is used at your workplace. Tutorials vary greatly in length, but all are divided into short videos on discrete topics making it easy to fit them into a busy schedule or to watch only the segments that are relevant to a specific project. For many topics, offers tutorials at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels allowing you to move beyond the basic level that is often focused on by other services and classes. This also makes it a great resource for those who already have some experience but wish to build upon their existing knowledge.

While I generally focus on discussing free resources, I found that was well worth the subscription price. Currently, monthly subscriptions start at $25 with no long-term commitment, meaning that you can sign up for single month when you know you will have time to complete one or more tutorials, or you can sign up for a year for a lower price. And, the service offers a number of free videos so that potential subscribers can get a sense of whether the teaching system will work for their learning style. Subscribers can also watch tutorials on the go using the iPhone and iPad apps that offers for free.


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