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January 1, 2012 / carlispina

Learn Web Programming with Code School

Another option for learning and practicing programming is Code School. Unlike the other coding resources I have discussed, Code School is not completely free, but it does offer several free tutorials and completing these free tutorials can help users to earn discounts on a subscription to the paid content. Currently, Code School offers free tutorials on JQuery, Ruby and Rails. Most of the Code School tutorials take the form of short training videos followed by browser-based problems and examples that students can work through. Code is analyzed as it is submitted, so students get immediate feedback on their progress, which is a great way to get a sense of whether the material has been mastered. I found the tutorials that I worked through to be good overviews of the topic and I thought that they managed to pack a significant amount of information into a relatively short period of time. And, the hands-on component really helped to reinforce the material covered in the tutorials.

Students who opt to subscribe to Code School have access to more advanced tutorials as well as tutorials on HTMLS5, CSS3 and CoffeeScript. Subscriptions also include access to Code TV, which includes videos on other topics such as Jing, Skitch and several Rails libraries. Additional tutorials are planned for the future with 3 future releases already listed on the Code School website. If the future offerings don’t pique your interest or if you are hoping to learn more about a particular topic, Code School also has a Request a Course feature that allows users to suggest future classes or put their support behind classes that other students have already suggested. Code School is a strong alternative for getting started with JQuery and Ruby programming in your browser for free and with their current subscription price of $20 for the first month, it is even possible to pursue more advanced tutorials at a reasonable rate.



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  1. Gregg Pollack / Jan 1 2012 4:08 pm

    Thanks for taking a look at Code School Carli, glad you like what we have to offer at Code School. We’re working hard to produce premium tech educational content.

    If you have any feedback after checking out our service I’d love to hear it =)


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