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December 18, 2011 / carlispina

Image Placeholders for Web Design

When designing websites it is common to start the design process before you have all of the content that will be used on the website. When this happens for text, web designers typically turn to one of the many available variations on lorem ipsum text that are available online (see, for example, these options highlighted by Mashable earlier this year). Images, on the other hand, can be a little bit trickier. But, there are two free services available that provide image placeholders.

If just holding the right amount of space is sufficient for your design needs, lorempix provides placeholder boxes with specified colors and dimensions. Custom text can be added to the box as well if desired. Once all of this information is specified, the resulting link can be pasted into your HTML to hold the place for your images and give you the desired layout.

If instead you would prefer to use an actual photo to better judge if your layout is working, lorempixel (formerly known as lorempixum) provides Creative Commons licensed placeholder images. As with lorempix, users can specify the image’s dimensions and any custom text. However, in addition to these features, lorempixel also allows you to select the theme of the image used and even whether the image will be color or black and white.

Depending on the needs of your project, either of these services can be a quick way to complete your layout before you have the images that will be used for your project. Hopefully they will do for images what current lorem ipsum generators do for text.


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