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December 11, 2011 / carlispina

Create Shareable Collages with Webdoc

WebdocSharing entertaining and informative graphics is a great route to a more engaging web presence, so after reading about Webdoc on Mashable, I was intrigued. After trying it out, it definitely is a quicker way to put together collages of online content. And, the service includes the ability to make your graphics more interactive by including polls or allowing users to compare two images as seen here.

Example of Interactive Voting

Example of the interactive voting option.

Users can drag and drop content on the page and can then add links, text, and word bubbles to the images in a matter of moments. Various effects can be added as well, such as a border that looks like a Polaroid or, as discussed above, interactive elements. Collages can include a mixture of images, videos and even audio recordings. The resulting collages can be made public, kept private or shared with a limited group of users. Public collages can be shared on Faceook or Twitter, emailed or embedded on a website.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to get started with this service. Signing up for an account takes no time at all and the user interface is very self-explanatory. I created three graphics in only a few minutes time. Webdoc has great potential for anyone who wants to create and share more engaging images. I can see particularly useful applications for libraries as it allows those with little or no experience with graphic design software to quickly design images that can be used to advertise library services and events or just to make a library’s web presence more fun, engaging and interactive. Check out the video below for more on how it works.


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