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December 4, 2011 / carlispina

Online Document Comparisons with Mergely

The ability to compare two documents can be extremely helpful when multiple people are collaborating on a single document. Even if teams make version control a priority, at the end of the day, it is often helpful to be able to compare versions of a document to confirm that all of the necessary changes have been made. While there are programs out there that allow users to do this, Mergely is an alternative that is web-based and free.

With Mergely, users can open one text file on each side of the screen and immediately see the differences between the documents. Alternatively, users can also type into either or both side of the screen. Below is an example of a comparison of two documents.

A screenshot of Mergely.

Once the comparison is complete, it can be saved and shared with a URL that is generated for each saved project. This makes it easy to show changes and comparisons to team members to support collaboration or to save comparisons for later review in a project. Mergely is limited by the fact that is only supports plain text files, but for comparing plain text files, it is easy-to-use and provides versatile functionality. Mergely makes collaborating on text files online seamless and quick.


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