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December 1, 2011 / carlispina

AddThis Makes Sharing Your Content Easy

Whether your content is found on a website or a blog or in an e-mail, you want your audience to be able to share it. But, with such a wide array of possible social networks out there and more emerging all the time, it is impossible keep up with every possible network that people might want to use to share your content. AddThis makes it easy to facilitate sharing on a range of social networks and is updated frequently to include new networks. Best of all, using AddThis is as easy as making a few selections on their website and pasting the resulting code into your site. The service is free and can be used without even registering, though registration does give you access to advanced features such as analytics and additional personalization. Currently, AddThis allows visitors to your site to share content on more than 350 services, including newer ones such as Pinterest and Google+.

AddThis styles

When creating the code to embed on your site, you can choose from several different styles as shown in the image to the right.  The code can also be personalized in several other ways, including by specifying on which platform it will be used. AddThis even supports use in iOS or Android mobile apps or in e-mail newsletters. All of these features make it a great tool to facilitate sharing your content wherever it may be found. Plus, if you register to use the analytics feature, you will be able to learn more about how and where your audience shares your content, which can help you to make any necessary tweaks or changes to your strategy. When I embedded AddThis in a website I created, I found it very simple to style the buttons to fit the needs of my website and then add them to the site, making it easier for my content to be shared with only a few minutes of work.


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