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November 3, 2011 / carlispina

Highlight Websites Before Sharing with

Do you share websites a lot? Have you ever shared a long article when you really just wanted to draw attention to a few sections? Or do you bookmark websites and later struggle to find the passages that interested you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, may be just what you need. offers several different highlighter colors and generates a short link for the highlighted page. Following this short link will take viewers directly to the highlighted portion of the text, which is particularly helpful for longer articles. Highlighted items can be added to Facebook or Twitter through buttons included in the dashboard or shared through email, IM or really anywhere you would share a link. The developers have also created a widget that can be added to websites allowing visitors to start highlighting from any website. is currently available for both Firefox and Chrome. Here is an example of a highlighted passage from the homepage.

Overall, does a good job of allowing users to draw attention to a single part of a shared website. While Diigo users can already highlight, sticky note, bookmark, annotate and share items, if you use another online bookmarking tool or if you want to highlight text on a website without adding it to one of your online bookmarking accounts, is a good tool that focuses on this single function. It seems particularly useful for teams sharing websites while collaborating on a project, teachers who want to direct their students to specific parts of a website or librarians showing patrons and students the key sections of research items they have located. The fact that the tool focuses on this single functionality makes it easy to use and easy to teach to team members for collaboration.


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