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October 30, 2011 / carlispina

Make Your Resume into an Infographic with

Infographics are a popular trend for representing many types of data with lots of web services emerging to help people to create engaging visualizations of various types of information. One particular area of focus has been resumes. Job seekers are always looking for ways to impress employers and recruiters with their experience and skills and several services have emerged to allow people to make their resumes more visually engaging, such as, which I have discussed previously.

Another service that has emerged in this area is As with other resume infographic services, draws information from the user’s LinkedIn profile to generate an initial infographic. Once the initial infographic is generated, users have the option to add more information in the form of charts and graphs representing job duties, skills and proficiencies. The service seems geared towards graphic designers and web developers because it offers space to include a portfolio of images of past projects and a link to a personal website. But, the service does have space for most types of job skills and experience. The flexibility of opting in or out of additional charts makes the final resume very customizable. also includes a dashboard with analytics on the views, downloads and contacts from the infographic. The dashboard allows users to promote their resume through social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), a QR code, embedding it on a website or submitting it to a search engine to improve search rankings.

Despite this ability to customize some aspects of the final resume, there are limitations. Only a limited number of degrees are available in the education section (for example, law degrees are not an option) and the display of the timeline cannot be customized meaning that the most recent work experience description sometimes trails off the side of the infographic. Overall though, allows users to create engaging and unique representations of their background. The ultimate decision of which resume infographic service to use depends on which skills and experiences you hope to highlight in your background, but particularly for designers and developers, is an interesting option.



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  1. Steve Years (@SteveYears) / Nov 2 2011 1:50 pm

    Hi Carli, I’m the CEO and co-founder of – thanks for taking the time to blog about us! I’ve added the JS and MLS degrees to the education section… I’m sorry we missed those. We are planning on big changes to the education aspect of your page – we are going to make it look much more like the timeline.


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