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October 27, 2011 / carlispina

Combine Your Social Media Feeds Into a Single ZOOSH

ZooshiaWhile social media widgets abound, most are limited to a single service. It is easy to add a Twitter feed to a website, but if you use multiple social networks, your website will quickly become cluttered with all of the separate widgets for each service. Enter Zooshia, which has created a new (and free!) customizable widget that will combine multiple social media feeds into a single widget, which they call a “ZOOSH.” Currently, each ZOOSH can support 10 feeds, which can come from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in any combination (while I haven’t seen any indications of concrete plans to add support for more social networks, I hope that they will). These feeds can be your own personal feeds or any other feed for which you have the URL. As you create the ZOOSH, you can select between a wide array of color schemes and layouts to make a widget that will work well with an existing website. All along the way, you can preview your ZOOSH on the design page to ensure that it looks exactly as you intend. Once the ZOOSH is completed, adding it to a website is simply a matter of cutting and pasting some code generated by Zooshia.

Individuals who currently have a dispersed web presence that they would like to bring together on a single webpage will appreciate Zooshia. The speed with which widgets can be made makes it easy to bring your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts together onto your website allowing you to keep visitors on your website rather than sending them off to multiple social networks. I think that this service also has great potential for libraries that either maintain a presence on multiple social networks that they would like to bring together on their website or that want to make their website more dynamic by bringing in feeds from other sources. In just a few minutes, Zooshia will allow you to achieve either of these goals with a customized widget that will bring fresh information to any website on an ongoing basis. It is definitely worth a look.

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