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October 20, 2011 / carlispina

Sharing Items on Google+

Google+ Icon by David Silva

To conclude my mini series on tools to use with Google+, this post rounds up a selection of tools that can be used to more easily share items on Google+ or from Google+ to other social networks. While many people are joining Google+ (since my last post, Google’s CEO, Larry Page, confirmed that there are more than 40 million users), this does not mean that Google+ is driving other social media tools out of the marketplace. Instead, most users are adding Google+ to their social media repertoire. For this reason, tools to share items to Google+ and between Google+ and other social networks are rapidly emerging to help users with this process. Here are some interesting options to make it easier to use Google+ with other social media tools and share items on the go:

  • The first resource is a new bookmarklet for Firefox, Chrome or your iPad/iPhone.  Developed by AJ Batac, the bookmarklet allows users to share items from their browser with their Google+ circles with a few simple clicks. Best of all, in addition to working on Firefox and Chrome, the bookmarklet can also be used on an iPad or iPhone. To get started, just drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark toolbar in your browser, watch the video demonstration or follow the step-by-step instructions to add it to your mobile browser.
  • Next up is a way for Google Reader users to share articles found there with their circles by customizing the Send To options on their Reader to include Google+. ReadWriteWeb has pulled together easy to follow instructions, complete with screenshots of each step of the process.
  • For Facebook fans, Google+Facebook is an extension from Crossrider that integrates Facebook into Google+ allowing users to see their Facebook account from within Google+ and even add updates to Facebook while in their Google+ account.
  • Bruno Barbieri used Crossrider to develop a similar extension called Google+Twitter. The extension “integrates a full featured twitter client inside your Google Plus Account,” allowing users to more easily tweet about their Google+ posts or share items found on Google+ with their Twitter followers.
  • If you instead want to share your Google+ posts on your WordPress blog, there is a WordPress plugin for that too.  Daniel Treadwell has developed the new plugin called Google+Blog. Free and paid versions are available, both of which automatically post all Google+ posts to a WordPress blog complete with any images included in the original Google+ blog. While the service can lead to some formatting issues, overall it makes it quick and easy to share items to a WordPress blog and it is possible to edit the posts to clean up these formatting issues. The Next Web has a good review of this plugin complete with instructions for installing it yourself.
  • And, as a final bonus item, try to create a short URL for your Google+ account that can then be shared on your social network of choice.
Hopefully these tools will make it easier to integrate Google+ with your other social media accounts.

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