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October 16, 2011 / carlispina

Searching Google+

In keeping with the Google+ theme of my last post, I wanted to highlight some new options for searching the increasing amount of content found on Google+.

First, Google itself has announced new functionality aimed at allowing users to find the newest posts on any given topic when they search in Google+. Once a search is completed, if relevant posts are added to the site, a notification will appear on the screen allowing users to instantly access the new content. Announced in a Google+ post from Vic Gundotra and covered by Mashable, this feature is joined by recognition of hashtags on Google+, meaning that users can now include links to other posts on the same topic by simply including a hashtag before the topic keyword.  Both of these will make it easier for Google+ users to follow particular topics and connect with new users with similar interests.

Another option for searching Google+ is Topsy, which has released the beta version of a search engine focused specifically on searching Google+ in much the same vein as their existing Twitter search engine. While Google’s entry offers the convenience of being included in Google+ itself, Topsy’s search engine offers far more options and, therefore, a much more powerful search. The search homepage shows topics that are trending below a simple search box. Search results are ranked according to Topsy’s “influence ranking algorithm.” But, the more interesting features are the advanced search options. These options provide most of the standard advanced search features, letting users limit their search by date or by including or excluding keywords. Currently, searches can only be limited by language to English or Japanese and by type to web or video, but given that this product is still in beta, hopefully more features will be forthcoming.

Between these two options, Google+ is now more searchable than it ever has been before. Hopefully, as each of these search features continues to develop, it will become increasingly easy to find and organize content on Google+.


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