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October 13, 2011 / carlispina

Integrate Google+ With Your Website With This New Widget

An example of the Google+ Widget

The popularity of Google+ has grown significantly since it opened to the public last month. By some estimates it already had 43.3 million users two days after opening to the public, a 30% increase over that two day period. With this level of popularity, it is important to be able to integrate your Google+ presence with the rest of your web presence. The new Google Plus Widget has emerged to fill this need.

This free, easy-to-create widget can be easily added to websites and blogs. Now that I have added it to my personal website, visitors can connect directly with my Google+ account and from there add me to their circles with ease. The widget is fully customizable, with the ability to change the size, text, font and colors to name just a few features. Users can even choose between a simple widget, as seen above, or a larger widget that includes Google+ updates, as seen below.

An example of the widget with Google+ posts

The widget is available in multiple languages, with more to come as users are being enlisted to help translate the widget into additional languages. As an added bonus, users also have access to statistics that show how their follower count changes over time and the number of widget views accumulated. This feature remains in beta so more statistics will likely be available over time. So far, the widget seems very useful and has gotten some good coverage, so hopefully it will gain popularity, and more features along with it.


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