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September 25, 2011 / carlispina

Create a Website On Your iPhone With Zapd


Services for creating websites without code have proliferated recently allowing users of all ability levels to create a personalized web presence. Zapd is a new entry in this market with one key difference: Zapd users can create a website on the go using just their iPhone. Users can select from a variety of themes for their website and can easily switch between themes after the website is completed. While the content types are somewhat limited, it is easy to add photos, links and text to the site. The finished product is hosted for free by Zapd once published and looks equally good on both mobile devices and on computers. And, the entire process takes only a few minutes. All you need to get started is the free Zapd app and the photos or other content you want to include on your website.

I used Zapd to create a gallery of photos that I took on a recent trip to Philadelphia. It is very easy to create a website, but I think the iPhone editing features could use some work. I had difficulty inserting content in the middle of the page after it had initially been published on my iPhone. However, Zapd sites can also be edited via the Zapd website rather than the iPhone app, which gives users more editing options and better control over the final look of the site. Users can also select custom URLs rather than the random URLs automatically generated by publishing a site.

The final website proved to be a nice display for my photos and was very quick to design.  Since the website allows users to design a website anywhere they have internet access on their iPhone, it is a great way to create a gallery of travel photos while still on vacation. As highlighted in their online gallery, Zapd can also be used to create a blog that can be updated directly from an iPhone.  Despite its limitations, Zapd is a great way to create websites quickly while on the go. And, if you need inspiration before creating your site, Zapd offers plenty of featured Zaps to give you some great ideas.


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