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September 22, 2011 / carlispina

Creating a Mobile Profile with Infostripe

InfostripeWith the use of smartphones continuing to increase, it is ever more important to have a mobile-optimized web presence. makes it quick and easy to do just that without knowing any code or much about mobile optimization. By creating an account on Infostripe, users can collect their entire web presence on a single, mobile-ready website. Users are prompted through all of the steps necessary to create a page with a unique logo, a customized collection of icons for social networks, a personal summary and links to relevant websites. Users can also display RSS feeds from other websites on their Infostripe, meaning that a user’s tweets, blog posts and YouTube videos, to name just a few, will appear on their page. While there are still some types of information that aren’t easily incorporated onto an Infostripe, given that this is still a relatively new service, it seems likely that more options will continue to be added.  New options have already been added since I first created my Infostripe. Users can also quickly and easily update Infostripes with only a few clicks, making it easy to add additional information and keep the site up-to-date at all time.  And, Infostripes also have the advantage of being equally readable on a variety of mobile devices.

I found an Infostripe to be the perfect solution when I wanted to develop a mobile website to collect my web presence on one page.  In particular, when I wanted to use a QR code as a simple way of directing people to my various social media accounts and other content, an Infostripe proved to be the perfect destination page. Since it is mobile-optimized (an important feature given that most QR code readers are found on mobile devices) and arranges a large amount of information in a single attractive page, it is much more usable than a standard website. To see an example of an Infostripe, check out my Infostripe or explore the Infostripe Network.

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