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September 15, 2011 / carlispina resume

An example of a "vizualized" resume from the website.

Have you ever looked at resumes that take the form of infographics and thought that they look fun?  If so, might be the site for you.  Currently only available by invitation (which can be requested on the website), this service pulls information from a user’s LinkedIn profile to create an infographic of prior experience, education, skills, online presence and more.  Right now, there are only a limited number of themes to choose from but users can customize the color scheme within these themes.  And, is still in private beta, and as is to be expected from a service in private beta, has been making updates and improvements frequently.  I can already see significant improvements since the service started, particularly in the amount of control that you can have over your final visualization and the types of information that can be included.  Another recent change is the incorporation of AddThis, making it faster and easier to share your finished product on a wide array of social media.  As of right now, I think that is a fun new way to look at your resume but I hope that it continues to add new features and greater control.  It is worth checking out though and if you want to see an example first, here is what my LinkedIn profile looks like when Vizualized.

They also recently recently released the following video showing off some of their new options:

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